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Target & Challenge

To observe a problem existing at locations of our choice and find a solution

RISD Public Safty

- Emergency Medical Support (EMS) system items and operation disorganized 


- Observe the working stations, and the operation in action.

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Wait, Is that really

the problem?


As I was prototyping the bag designs and doing more research, I realized that there is already a lot of EMS bag solutions on the market. RISD simply did not provide the resources to EMS to purchase higher quality designs.


As I observed more on-field actions from the EMS team, I realized a bigger problem lies in how the bags and equipment are organized on the Medical Van.



1 - Dimensional Organization

- Every item is placed on the floor of the EMS van (41" * 40") As a result, some items are really hard to reach, in some cases, one has to enter the rear of the van to reach items. 


Not Prioritized

- Items not frequently used and items that are not used in urgent situations are placed in the same plane as urgent and frequently used items. causing confusion and inefficient work

Unclear Visualization

- Items are merged together as they are not organized and on the same plane. It takes time to identify what each is.


- Make use of the 3-dimensional space. employ pull out racks and drawers to extend the space further out to the outside of the van

- Place items of importance in the front and arm level. Items of lower importance in the back, and lower. Prioritize each space by how many actions it requires to reach each storage space.

- Clear Division of space and storage space shapes or colors. 





- In both surveys and face to face interviews, users prefer having a system of multiple bags but would like the bags to be better organized. Therefore, the designs are based on a multiple bags and equipment hierarchical organizing system.

- Users requested a close to reaching storage place for items like gloves and garbage bags.

- Categorized items and flexibility were also reflected in user needs. These needs stayed in the design focus as more design models were made. 


- A primary focus of the design is the organization of equipment based on their relevant use in action. Thorough researches were conducted on the type of equipment used, what their functions and urgency levels are, and how frequently they are used  




Easily Detachable

Slide up and out to detach Focus: Speed

Slides Out

Pull to extend drawer out

Focus: extension of usable space 

Extendable Garbage Bag Holder

For disposal of Medical supplies

Focus: Efficiency obstacles observed from on-field action

Extendable Working Surface



• Achieved Higher Work Efficiency by

-Efficient use of the EMS Van space, utilizing all axis of dimensions and extending beyond the space in the Van. 

- Organizational hierarchy, prioritization of equipment

- Clear display and visualization

- Other user request based design customized for EMS (e.g. 3 sizes glove dispenser, Garbage bag dispenser/holder)

• Next Steps

- The storage shelves located in the middle of the space are designed to be more open and flexible so EMS could update or change their equipment from time to time. However, I still want to further explore that part of the design. I want to see if more restrains could be added without taking away the flexibility of that space.

- More user test is needed to move the product forward. Staged emergency situations could be performed to test out the design.

Thank you!

Please contact me if you have any suggestions!

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