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83% of girls didn't get a formal consent education until after they’d lost their virginity. 


THE PROBLEM IS, kids are not learning enough about consent and gender issues to understand what options they have. and even when parents and adults want to teach these ideas, they don’t have the tools and resources to help them

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SOLUTION: We believe learning about consent and gender issues can be fun and engaging. 


Mission: We are going to empower people to be their most inclusive, authentic self,

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There is going to be a line of products, each of them would be designed to confront different gender-related social issues, and are targeted toward different age groups that are within the k-12 range.

2 games in development:

- An app that is LGBT inclusive and shows kids that they can dress however they want and be whomever they choose to be.

- A card game that teaches about consent.

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Age group: 6 +        2-8 players

Goal: To creates a respectful and fun space to practice, discuss, and foster healthy consent practices.


The game is for friends, parents, and children, and can be utilized in the classroom.

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What this game achieves:

  • Helps kids to  Practice saying yes or no

  • Help kids to learn to listen to and respect each other’s boundaries and understand what they are comfortable with

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The Toy Industry Gap:

We already design educational toys to teach academic related subjects and skills, it’s time for us to open up the market for play products to inspire fundamental beliefs and healthy social behaviors.

We care about how our children think more than what knowledge they have, which is precisely why this is a much bigger market

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 The trend of using social issue as advertisement had been increasingly successful, in a survey, 53% of women said they bought a product because they liked how the brand and its advertising approaches gender issues

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No one is doing exactly what we are doing, which is teaching a habit and mindset. 

But there is increasing interest in the topic of LGBT rights and feminism. 

Most of our competitors are only touching the surface of the topic.


A lot of problems that our competitors have is that they don't have a good balance of play vs education

-> We took caution in that and made sure that our game is first and foremost fun


These toys are all huge successes and the best seller of these play product companies because of their gender-inclusive message.

-> consumers are eager for products like this.

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Our Main Expert Resources

Example of how they helped us:

Ted speaker Jaye Johnson told us that asking kids to identify how they feel about each physical action helps them identify abuse when it's happening.      

-> We included action response questions that ask kids how they feel in response to certain actions.

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80% of  the parents stated that they would buy the game for their kids, they all commented that the game is very entertaining and addictive

Thank You

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