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Metal Machinery Exploration

An exploration of the various materials, ways of fabrication and designing for complex machinery.


This is a swap project, in which I designed the work, produced the drawings, and my classmate fabricated the top part of the design.

Spinner technical drawing copy.jpg

Twin Kaleidoscope

I designed and manufactured a Kaleidoscope that is designed to be viewed by two people at the same time. The distance between the view ends are designed in a way that when two people try to look through, they would inevitably struggle a little and bump into each other. One person could not look through both view ends at the same time. The entire work except for the two screws are machine made and hand made by the designer.

Aluminum Sheet Exploration

An exploration of the Aluminum sheet material. The form below is hand made.

2018.1st Semester. Metal I . Aluminum sh
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