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Experience Finding App.

To discover life in other people's shoes


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The Challenge

Find new user needs regarding travel & leisure

Time Frame

5 weeks

Team: 4 people

My Role:  UIUX Designer

We split up design works equally among members

Needs Research

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Following others

Most people find experiences by looking at what others have done.


Unified Experience

Users desire to have the experience of finding events and route-finding to be unified in one place.

Users think that would result in a more convenient experience



Users want more customization in all aspects

  • Recommendation results

  • Filters choices

Users want the system to remember who they are so that they don't have to start fresh each time



Users want more local experiences that are not always organized by big organizations. 

e.g. Drag show at a bar, Parties...



Users search up "Attractions" on Google Maps to find experiences. This is a potential solution for having a "unified experience for planning & action"


The desire of having customized features is repeating theme

Based on this feedback, the idea of a platform that shows users similar people's travel plans started to emerge.

Business Case Studies


53%  Leisure Travel

27% Friend & Relative Visits, Religious, Health

Unexpected Validation of an Early Concept

The idea of a platform where users post and find travel plans for people of similar interests applies to both the Leisure user group and the religious & Friends user group. ( with their visits often involving group activities e.g. dinner & night out)

Learning from Existing Products

Market Validation

It is easier to gather reviews if the related "transaction" happens on the same platform

Users feel more engaged when the search output is relevant to the users' habits

Learning from Failed Travel Startups

Why Startups Failed:

Complicated UX

Travel data is complex, it's hard to keep the User experience simple.

Adaption to Changing Landscape

Consumers have high expectations.

Information is constantly changing

Vulnerable Business Model

When are returns going to be generated?

Volatile Customer Memory

Users don't travel all the time. How does one ensure a high user return rate?

Market Research


Design Goals

Connective - real people, and real experiences

Unified - planning + doing

Personal - Customizable & tailored experiences

Local & within the nation - Discover life right around you

Focused User Segments:

Local explorer

Young single user 

Young small group users

City to city travelers


Success Metric

Presentation (11).png
Presentation (5).png
Presentation (5).png
Idea Compilation.png
Presentation (8).png
Presentation (4).png


Presentation (9).png

Group Discussion
& Design Decisions

Example of Feature Decisions:

Presentation (8).png

On-Boarding Questions & System Memory

  • a short questionnaire to understand users' lifestyles and interests. 

  • continuously updates the user's interest profile according to recent activities.

Presentation (4).png

Suggested Routes & Experiences on the map

  • make suggestions visually connected to the map, creating easy access

  • the map along with main components and would be on the home page.

Flow Chart


UserTest Feedbacks & Changes

Users love Friends' activity feature & seeing others' routes

" I want to be able to see what people I know are doing and maybe join them if I don't know what to do on a Friday afternoon."

" I would go on here just to stalk on what other people are doing."

iPhone X-XS – 6.png
iPhone X-XS – 7.png
iPhone X-XS – 5.png

Users confused about whom the routes on the map belong to and when they were made.

Overall Users feel that there are too many frames

Search location suggestions are too short, and the “refine your search” section is too long

Tackled in 2nd stage Wireframe 

Simplifying the Design

  suggestion tab  & suggested routes serve the same function

-> got rid of the suggestion tab, which gives us space for filters on the first page. This allows filters to be put on the current location immediately and bring more spontaneous results.

2nd stage Wireframe (1)-14.png
2nd stage Wireframe (1)-09.png

List View Button

  clearer visualization of information 

Search Bar

  Neglected to be intentional about the search bar

  Discussions of the filter options location unresolved - > re-examine the problem -> realized the problem may lie in another feature

  Search bars = defined locations 


  Our feature = experience finding app = abstract

iPhone X-XS – 22.png

  Features not utilized by the users because the changes were too small to satisfy the action, users are impatient

Change on Design: 

  Delete & combine actions that show small results

2nd stage Wireframe (1)-22.png
2nd stage Wireframe (1)-20.png
2nd stage Wireframe (1)-23.png

Screens combined

Combined as tabs on one main page. Now users can quickly switch between these pages to add experiences to a trip they are planning.


Keyword Filters

& Listview

• Tailored recommendations
- Recommend
 routes based on personal interest profiles (number of routes that shows are controlled within a max number)

- control results by choosing filters or input concise keywords

- Listview provides information & rating based presentation of routes

- User-generated

- Presents who is currently on this trip and the option to request to join the trip

- Option to save to "Saved Trips" or "Saved Experiences"

- Users could click on the individual experiences and choose to use that alone

- Navigation powered by Google map

Route & Experience


Trip Planning & Saved Trips

- Users could create a new trip or drag "saved trips" or individual "saved experiences" into the "current" creating page and edit them.

- Users could choose to make their trips private

- shows pronouns

- badge levels encourage user participation

- Follow the user to see their route in recommended trips



- Users can request to join a trip

- Users can create group chats for group trips

Screen Designs

Home - Map.png
Home - List.png
Home - menu expanded.png
trip overview.png
trip overview.png
single expirence detail page.png
Planning - saved trips.png
Profile - Other.png


• Style Guide & Prototype User test

Follow other route creators & friends

Group Trip feature? Can users request to join others' trips?

Global trips expansion. Should we? How do the features change when moving to a bigger scale?

Thank you!

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