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Concert Experience Design

"Trade & Connect!" 


The Problem

Find design opportunities in concert experiences that could achieve any of the following effects: improve concert experiences, increase costumers, or increase revenue.

Who it's for:

Live Nation

- collaboration between RISD class & Live Nation to produce interesting business ideas for their venues across the U.S.

Time Frame

4 Weeks

Team: 2 people, Remote via zoom (2020)

My Role:

Decisions and planning for the team.

Both of us did an equal amount of work for the design of the project.




Learning Goals

Setting up Interview Objectives

On interviewees who have experience in going to performance venues, ranging from once a year to twice a month.

15 Questions, lots of "Why"s in respond to their answers, and 2 activities



7 Interview

On interviewees who have experience in going to performance venues, ranging from once a year to twice a month.

15 Questions, lots of "Why"s in respond to their answers, and 2 activities

Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 10.34.20
Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 11.39.23


Analysing Interview Results

1st Stage: Sort through Interview notes & convert relevant insights to post-it notes


2nd Stage : Sort Main Insights into Categories


3rd Stage: Create Opportunity statements: where are the areas of opportunity for design?

opp statement.jpg

Design Opportunities

Within our top three opportunity areas that are derived from our major findings, we started generating design ideas.

The 3 main opportunity areas are:

How might we create interactive activities between strangers for them to feel connected?

How might we and make use of time-spaces (waiting times) for audiences to feel more engaged?

How might we deliver unique artifacts to the audience to create lasting memories?


Final Concept

A trading Experience

Allow the audience to trade fan-made DIY items and exclusive trading merch.

This concept exists at the interaction of the 3 design opportunities we arrived at from our research: 

By allowing audiences to trade items, we are creating opportunities for these strangers to connect, making use of the empty time spaces in between performances, before, and after the performance, and leaving the audiences with artifacts for lasting memory

storyboard final.jpg

Existing Consumer Behavior

We looked for existing consumer behaviors and motivations that validate our concept 

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 6.11.39 AM.png

K-pop concerts are usually filled with fans hours before the event begins. Fans self organize in an open space they found, and set up booths or simply walk around to hand out free fan-made stuff to each other. Some of them connect on Twitter beforehand and meet up at the event to trade with each other. 


Disney is filled with Pin trading stands where pins are sold, around the pin stands, there are often small tables for people to lay down their pin book and trade with each other.


From the introduction of trading pins to now, Disney greatly increased the number of pin merch. It has become one of the most commonly seen products in Disney. This is a testament to how profitable the trading merch are.

Market Research

Design Process

Application to Physical Locations Research

Super live HOME.jpg

Pain Point- Audiences hate lineups ->Self Check-out System Ideation


Remote Work + Quarantine (2020)  = rapid sketch prototypes


Purchase Location Design Ideations

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 1.50.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 1.50.15 AM.png

Making use of exiting store and 

adding new merch stores


carry-on trading

Vanue Flexibility: Portable merch booth


Modeling & testing size & height

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 09.25.42
Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 1.49.59 AM.png
Main body.png

UIUX Design Sketch

Modeling & testing size & height

Design Process
Trade & Connect.png

Concept Walkthrough

The Trading Items:

Fanmade DIY Items - free trade

Fans can post their finished items on social media, browse through each other's items and connect to schedule a trading meetup on the day of the event, or simply hand out items and trade at the event, 

Trade & Connect_Page_13.png

Merchandise for trade

We choose to have patches as our trading merch for their cheap manufacturing cost, small size, and most of all, the fact that it can be attached to fabrics. Our patches would be "slapable" where during trading, fans could slap their patch onto their cloth, hat, bag, etc. We would also sell clothing and accessories that would work the best with these slapable products.

Trade & Connect.png
Trade & Connect (2).png

How Do We Sell Them?

Painpoint - Audiences reflected in our interviews that although they love buying merch from concerts, they hate the line-up

Solution: Self Check-out systems that reduce line-uptime & increase audience engagement with the products. 

Increased touch/engagement with the products = increases product purchase rate

Trade & Connect_Page_38.png

Where to Sell them?

1. Walk-in Patch Store are bigger stores that can be placed at the entrance and exist of big indoor venue locations. The interior design of the store can also be applied to existing merch stores that most big indoor venues have.

2. Merch Booths can be scattered around indoor and outdoor venues. Their small bodies are portable and easier to set up, allowing for flexibility for application to different venue locations, and for easy costumer flow around the booths


Walk-in Patch Store 

Trade & Connect_Page_30.png

Merch Booths

booth rende.2nd.4.png

- Light

Interactive Opportunities that promotes Trading Activities

We brainstormed some interactive station concepts that could be incorporated into the patch trade ecosystem. These concepts would be something we explore further into once the trading design is complete



Close to the Omnichannel shopping approach, we design our customer experience in a broader view, creating a seamless experience across all platforms online and offline.

1 App do all 

Our application is used by audiences to view and book tickets for live performances, connects to others socials for sharing trading items and plan out trades, scan QR code for purchasing self check out items at the event, and storing traded item information for the audiences.

Trade & Connect.png

Merging Online & Physical Experience

Before the Concert

Find and browse upcoming performance events

Book Ticket for events

Check out your event info

All info you will need about your event is here. Going to a Micheal Buble concert? Check out what activities and exclusive merch would be available on the event date here! While at the event, use the same page to see the event timeline and venue maps. 

View goodies posts to find other audience and fans to exchange items with on the day of the performance

Post your DIY fan items or merch or even snacks on the platform. Find other posts of items that you are interested in. Start messaging the other audiences to schedule a meetup or simply to connect.

With these functions, we are generating audience engagement with the event and with eacgother before the event even started!

During the Event

Use the same app to interact with our self check-out system: scan QR code to purchase and release trading merch

Reduce line up and increase audience engagement and therefore purchase with the merch. 

After the Event

Scan your traded merch to input it into your collection & check item info and trading history.

Look! there's a message from the previous owner of the merch!

Go to "My Collection" to see all trading merch purchased today, traded today, go the extra mile, and record what fanmade items you collected today! 

Trade & Connect_Page_42.png

Store your trading merch and fanmade items. Feel satisfied and excited. Remind yourself to return to these experiences whenever you see them.

Buisness Value

Support other branches

Locational brand based design.

 The system is implemented to a brand. The users are encouraged to visit each chain venue because each venue would have its unique locational product. This not only increases customer flow for all branches of the same venue brand but creates more value in trading for the customers.

Attract contracts with performance artists

Each artist can have a set of unique merch designs

each performance would have 1 or a few of its own unique patch design. This encourages users to trade and try out new performances. This also encourages the artist to go to the same venue especially if they are doing a world tour - the same set of design could be used at each location & it would allow the artist to make maximum use of the product, artists can collaborate and have each other's patch at their concert.

Major outreach expansion

User self generates outreach and free advertisement for the event by posting trading goods on social media and by connecting with each other for trading purposes. 

Incerase Customer Return rate

Increases overall audience engagement online and offline, the online engagement does not have a time limit and would continue to drive users back whenever their connected audience friend post a post about upcoming events. The nature of the trading also encourages customer to come back to collect more exclusive merch to trade.

Generates Revenue

The trading merch are a great source of revenue

Disney over the years had increased the presence of their trading pins from a few booths to booths everywhere in the park as well as having walls of pin displays in their stores. They also added trading tables around their booths. 

Trade & Connect_Page_47.png
Buisness Value
Trade & Connect.png

Moving Forward

1 : 1 Scale Testing with audiences

Create High Fidelity Prototype in a similar or real environment of the performance venue. Conduct user test on how audiences flow through space and interact with the designs.

Stimulate a similar environment as the experience design by performing the same services during the test.

Meeting with Investors

Discuss experience design implementation:

- feasibility of project: budget and time limits

- phases of implementation to create the full experience

Next Steps

Thank you! Check out my other projects! 

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