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We are designing a line of play products(toy, app, board game, etc.) that introduce and educate gender-related ideas. Different toys would be designed to target different age groups that are within the k-12 range. We believe that consent and gender respect should not be taught only in one class at school. Instead, it should be slowly learned and incorporated into a child's mind.


Bowen Zhou

Founder & Director


Carol Demick

Illustrator & Designer 

Weiling Peng

Illustrator & Designer 


Bobby Joe Smith III

Research Assistant



Currently, we are designing for kids within the age group of 5 to 8.
We are working on two main ideas. 

"It's Okay to Say No" is a card game that promotes kids to think about what their body boundaries are and respect others' boundaries. It teaches them the difference between violent and loving physical touches and helps kids to practice saying yes and no to physical contacts from others.

"Become" is a dress-up app game that includes characters with different skin colors, body shapes, and gender identities. In the game, each character comes to the player with the request of being styled as who they want to become or how they want to be viewed. The game purposely avoids gender stereotypes. For example, in this game, a boy might like to wear skirts, and a girl might want to look like a CEO. Each character in this game have different gender identities, and some of them might not be sure about what their identity is.

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